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Activities of Mareval AG

Technical and Commercial Consulting

Our competencies in the cost analysis and project planning are used in the technical and commercial consulting. Risk Controlling is a core task for the project evaluation and control. This will be deployed in all project phases and the agreed risk profiles and philosophy are used as a basis.

Design Management Services

Designs and concepts can be verified in all stages for the technical and commercial feasibility. Life Cycle Cost can be derived and the economically most reasonable solution will be identified. Designs can be verified as well on the quality requirements of our clients.

Construction Management

Based on a deep technical knowledge in structural aspects and systems MAREVAL can support our clients in the construction management. Wide expertise in new built and conversions of vessels and offshore structures is available.

Core tasks of MAREVAL are:

  • Construction management
  • Auditing of Construction companies and yards
  • Supervision of factory acceptance test (FAT)
  • Supervision of welding works with certified welding engineers
  • Non-destructive testing and dimensional control

All works will be conducted on the specification of the client and project. The performed works on the construction management will be documented and reported in a database for construction management of MAREVAL.

Research & Development R&D

Since the founding, MAREVAL is active in the research and development with various projects. As core parts, we are focussing on the core business. We are developing new methods on unsolved questions in the maritime and offshore industry.

T&I and Commissioning Management

Offshore projects are not finished by the sail away of the structures. The projects are finalized after the installation and commissioning of the units. MAREVAL has wide experience in the planning and execution of offshore operations.

With the following services, we support our clients:

  • Planning and supervision of offshore operations
  • Concepts and engineering for seafastenings, as well as the evaluation of these
  • Planning, execution and evaluation of Inclining test for all kinds of barges and vessels
  • Monitoring and evaluation of trial runs
  • Planning and supervision of cold and hot commissioning for vessels and offshore units

Condition Monitoring/ Periodical Inspections

All structures at sea are exposed to a hard environment. Hence a continuous evaluation and monitoring is required to reach the goals of the life time or the planned life time extension. The qualified and experienced engineers of MAREVAL are regularly supporting worldwide offshore and marine projects in

  • Development of monitoring concepts
  • Specification and assembly of monitoring equipment
  • Structural inspections, periodical inspections (WPK)
  • Conduction of vibration and acceleration measurements and their evaluation
  • End of warranty inspections
  • Inspections, concept preparations and engineering works on life time extensions

Expert Statements/ Opinions

As independent consultancy and engineering office, MAREVAL conducts as independent experts:

  • In Court cases
  • As independent damage experts
  • As arbitrator in arbitration cases
  • For certification for maritime and offshore structures
  • As Marine Warranty Surveyor (MWS)

Independent Consulting Engineers
for the Maritime and Offshore Industire



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